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One of the main outcomes of reducing absenteeism is increased productivity. When staff are happy at their work a positive atmosphere is created and quality relationships and creative work are nurtured. Having a job is good, but having a career where everyone from the boss to the new apprentice are motivated and work as a team, and where production prospers, is significantly better. It is in this context that the chaplain can assist with positive working practices through pastoral support and listening approach. “a burden shared is a burden halved”.

Kirshnakumar and Neck (2002) suggested that the encouragement of spirituality in the work place can lead to benefits in the areas of creativity, honesty, personal fulfilment and commitment, which will ultimately lead to increased organizational performance. Some forms of encouragement in the work place include … starting corporate chaplaincies … (Karakas, Fahri (2010), Spirituality and performance in organizations, a literature review , Journal of Business Ethics, 94 (1), pp 89-106)

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