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East of Scotland

Use ALL Your Resources

A young lad wanted to help in the garden so his dad gave him a job to do; to remove an old tree stump “using all the resources available to him”. He set to with gusto, and at the end of the day returned crestfallen. He had tried everything and u...
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Advice From A Tree...............

Stand tall Sink your roots deep Go out on a limb When the storms blow; remember your roots and strengthen your branches. Understand the seasons. Keep growing. When the sun shines; reach high have fun enjoy the view Be content with your own beauty...
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Brené’s daughter, Ellen, came back from school and slumped down dejectedly behind the door saying, “I will never trust anyone again”. It had been one of those awful days when she had shared something in confidence, something personal and was vulnerab...
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“Crossing the Rubicon”

It’s that time of year again when we look ahead and wonder what the New Year will hold! We can look forward with anticipation to opportunities and holidays, or dread what’s ahead. On holiday in Italy, I crossed a river called the Rubicon. “Crossing t...
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A Change in Altitude

In 1997 Steve Fossett was at 24500 ft, trying to fly round the world in a hot-air balloon when he faced a serious problem. Steve takes up the story; “Whilst heading east across the Atlantic Ocean, the prevailing winds were carrying me straight for Li...
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