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A Bit Of A Let Down

Flat Tyre ImageAs he was driving along a deserted country lane his car got a puncture. Easily sorted he thought; until he couldn’t find the jack. The evening sun was just setting and it was getting dark as he started to look for a farm where hopefully he could borrow one. After walking for a while he saw a farm in the distance and began walking towards it.

He started rehearsing in his mind about how he would ask to borrow a jack at this time of night. But, like many of us, his mind began to imagine all sorts of scenarios. Maybe the farmer would be asleep and resent being woken.

Maybe the farmer was tired of people calling asking for jacks.

Maybe the farmer had no time for unprepared, careless drivers.

A thousand scenarios went through his mind and a thousand answers; but most of them ended in failure and embarrassment.

When he finally reached the farm he knocked on the door. A window opened from an upstairs bedroom and the farmer looked down and said, “Yes, can I help you”?

To which our driver replied sharply, “I didn’t want your stupid jack anyway!”

Have you ever raced ahead and imagined a scenario or discussion going one way, anticipating the worst, and spending so much time worrying about what may never happen anyway? And so, when you actually get there you are so worked up that whatever is said or done comes out all wrong?

Or instead, do you imagine a different scenario, but this time of it working out, or the conversation going well? What you have faith for often happens!

“Worrying is like paying a debt you don’t owe”. Mark Twain

If you want to get in touch and maybe need “a lift” then you can reach:

Chic on, or 07814093240; or

Geoff on, 07933167480


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