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“Crossing the Rubicon”

Crossing the RubiconIt’s that time of year again when we look ahead and wonder what the New Year will hold! We can look forward with anticipation to opportunities and holidays, or dread what’s ahead.

On holiday in Italy, I crossed a river called the Rubicon. “Crossing the Rubicon” is a saying about Julius Caesar when he made a decision to do something that was irreversible. When Julius Caesar and his army “crossed the Rubicon” in 49 BC it started the Roman Civil War (oops!). Today the Rubicon is just a smelly ditch, but we still use the phrase to describe an action or decision we can’t go back on, like 2018. (Even today the bridge is one way!)

Julius Caesar is well known for another phrase used when he invaded Britain:

Veni, Vidi, Vici - I came, I saw, I conquered.

Here are some other lesser known phrases he could have said Image result for emoji faces :

Veni, vidi, Velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around

Veni, vidi, Visa - I came, I saw, I went shopping

Veni vidi, vino – I came, I saw, I had a nice bottle of red

Here`s one more:

Veni, vidi, vixi - I came, I saw, I lived

Like crossing the Rubicon, we can’t turn the clocks back to 2018, but only face the future. How we face the future is vitally important. We have a choice of focusing on failure and fear of the future, or soaring above the fear by remembering what went well, however small, and building on that. Not just sticking around, or shopping, or enjoying a glass or two of vino, but living - really living. SOARing:

S; Strengths – what went well, what were our strengths, what was the highlight in 2018?

O; Opportunities – how can we use those good things; the opportunities to build on those strengths, the things we are good at and energise us?

A; Aspirations - based on our strengths and opportunities what would we like to do? One or two things, no matter how small that are do-able and will make a difference?

R: Resources that would help and changes you need to make to achieve the Results you want.

Take a moment to reflect on last year and what went well and was a highlight. Working from your strengths and things that energise you, what are the opportunities and your aspirations for this year; how you can SOAR in 2019?

You can Google more about SOAR as part of Appreciative Inquiry on line.


Happy New Year! From Geoff and Chic., 07933167480, 07814093240                                                                   

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