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How a chaplain helped Emma

FEEDBACK on the work we do as chaplains is always welcome. Here Emma, a retail assistant in a department store shares her experience of talking to a chaplain in her workplace. (Names, job description and other details have been changed for reasons of confidentiality).

“I have never really had any interest in religion. I thought assemblies at school were boring and stupid, but wasn’t really anti-God. I suppose I always thought there probably was a God but didn’t think that had anything to do with me.

“When my mum was diagnosed with cancer, I was devastated. I couldn’t think straight. I had some time off work. My boss was very good but when I went back, no-one knew what to say to me. It was really awkward and I felt so alone. My work suffered and my boss had to speak to me. He was obviously embarrassed but told me if I didn’t pull my weight it would be out of his hands. He suggested I speak to the chaplain. I wasn’t sure at first but thought it couldn’t do any harm.

The chaplain was great, she just seemed to understand, didn’t offer any easy answers but just listened and was there when I needed her. I thought she would tell me to go to church but that was never mentioned until I began to ask questions and she suggested I meet up with a local group who were running a course all about difficult questions. I didn’t go but I am still thinking about it. She asked if she could pray for me and Mum and it felt good to know someone would do that.

“Mum is still very ill and life is still difficult but I am coping and I know I can turn to the chaplain any time. My boss is happier too, he doesn’t know what we talk about but says he sees a big difference in me and thinks he should speak to the chaplain too. I think he should.”

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