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Power of Thank You

Rev Grant Maclaughlan who also provides chaplaincy at The Gyle

Rev Grant Maclaughlan who also provides chaplaincy at The Gyle

Edinburgh Airport is among the places for which WPCS Edinburgh West chaplain, Rev Grant Maclaughlan provides chaplaincy. Here’s his January newsletter to airport staff:

Hi everyone,

Last New Year my wife and I decided to have a memory jar for 2013. It is full of scrap pieces of paper which tell stories of what we as a family have experienced over the last year. Reading through these has helped us to reflect on all that has happened. I started my new job as a Work Place Chaplain in the West of Edinburgh, we moved into our new home, we went camping in Cornwall and enjoyed the opportunity to try surfing, one of my daughters started secondary school, my son began playing rugby and there are many more memories of time spent horse riding on a school residential, eating chocolate mousse, passing assignments for college and laughing together. However there were also memories that were more painful including the sudden death of a friend from my previous church and frustrations that some things have simply not worked out as we had hoped for.

As you reflect on 2013 I am sure that you will be able to identify some highlights and some difficult times, moments of delight and moments of despair, things to be thankful for and things that you are unable to make sense of.

It is important that, as we move from one year to the next, that we take a moment to express our thankfulness for all that was good. The next time you are enjoying a cup of coffee or enjoying a break, take a moment and think of three things that you are thankful happened in 2013.

As you look into 2014 maybe you want to think about trying to be more thankful or appreciative of those around you. This may mean in the workplace taking time to say ‘thank you’ to your staff or colleagues, ensuring that they feel valued and appreciated. It may be that you need to develop a habit of being grateful to those you live with, so that they know that you are not taking them for granted. A simple ‘thank you’ can significantly improve the workplace and life at home!

At the beginning of a New Year many decide to undertake a fitness regime which is focused on their physical health and well-being. Gyms are full of new customers and there is an upturn in healthy eating products. As important as physical health is, we must also consider our emotional and mental well-being. The difficulties that have been experienced in 2013 and in previous years are unlikely to disappear, simply because it is now 2014. Improving your mental and emotional health requires you to be willing to do something. Perhaps you need to make a New Year resolution to find someone to talk to about your grief, your financial worries, your faltering relationship, your work-related stress or the issues that you find yourself wrestling with in the middle of the night or which dominate your thinking. It may be that you need to talk to your Dr, your line-manager, a family member, a friend or maybe even the chaplain!

As your chaplain I provide a confidential, non-judgemental listening service. If this year you want to talk, I am here to listen.

Wishing you a good New Year


Grant Maclaughlan

0781 409 3235

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