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Dear Friends,

I hope that whatever your plans to be at home or away, you yourself may be refreshed.

Sometimes folk are tired or stressed. May I share some thoughts from the Bible about refreshing?

Philemon was someone through whom “the hearts of the saints were refreshed” (v3), the letter going on to indicate the ultimate source of the refreshing of which Christians are the channel - “refresh my heart in Christ”.

Waterfall by Tico24 via Flickr

Using an illustration which would have been very meaningful in the hot dry climate, Jesus speaks of giving “living water” (Jn 4.10), ie flowing and fresh as opposed to stagnant and stale. For people steeped in the Psalms this would have been seen as a fulfilment of the longing for a living relationship with God (Ps 42 and 63). Peter makes it clear that while our faith is based on the evidence of God in action in history, it is important that the awareness of what we already know is awesomely fresh (2 Pet 1: 12-16).

That it is the privilege and responsibility of God’s people to share this in our communities is seen in the vivid word picture of the stream of water flowing from the place of worship (Ez.47), living and giving life to all it touches.

As during this Olympic summer we live holding forth the word of life (Phil 2: 13-16a), may we all be refreshed with an awareness of God’s love flowing in and through our lives in a fresh and living way.

With prayerful good wishes,

Sandy Gunn

---- Photo by Plinkk on Flickr
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