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Thermostat or Thermometer?

heating 949081 640A thermostat sets the temperature while a thermometer records the temperature. “Oh, it’s hot in here”, says the thermometer, while the thermostat says it’s too hot in here and does something about it.thermometer

Which are you? It’s an old question posed by a much wiser person than I, but it’s still a good question.

“Thermometers” are people who only know how to reflect what’s going on around them, while “Thermostats” are people who help keep the climate around them on an even keel regardless of the circumstances. A mature person will influence the world around them, instead of being merely influenced by it.

I know someone who has just resigned their job because they wanted to become a millionaire. When asked, “how resigning a good job helps them be a millionaire?”, he replied that it was not a million pounds he wanted to make but a million people he wanted to improve the lives of. And so he was leaving a research post to devote himself to practical issues that people in developing countries face.

Wow, that’s being a thermostat!

I might never be that kind of millionaire but I do want to be rich in improving lives. How about you?

We’re here to listen and encourage and to maybe help reduce the “emotional temperature” so get in touch if you want.

Chic on:; 07814093240

or Geoff on:; 07933167480.

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