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When a chaplain is first invited to visit an organisation, it is good practice for this decision to have the agreement of both the management team and the trade union representatives.  HR managers and shop stewards alike have commented that it is good to have the chaplain there, to give workers another shoulder to cry on, rather than their own!

The work place chaplain aims to listen impartially and to support people in their roles.  Some chaplains are invited to attend the regular meetings of area trades councils as observers, and are often consulted because of the unique insights that they can bring, and their contacts with faith communities.

It is not the role of the chaplain to take sides when there is an industrial dispute, but to listen carefully to understand the issues from the differing perspectives of both sides, in order to support individuals as they address difficult situations.  It is sometimes asked if such an impartial role causes suspicion of the chaplain’s own views during disputes.

Experience has shown that, since both parties recognise the chaplain is on “the side of the angels”, he or she naturally supports their own position!

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