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Core Chaplaincy Functions

1. Visiting places of work to meet people in their own environment. Offering pastoral and spiritual support in the highs and lows of life and always in strictest confidence.

2. Availability is at the heart of good chaplaincy. Visits will be of an appropriate frequency but the chaplain must be contactable at all times and readily available in emergencies.

3. 'Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland' is a Christian organisation which seeks to model Christian values and ethics in relationships, methods and goals in the work place and beyond.

It is not a proselytising organisation. Its function is not to make converts for any particular denomination but working with all local churches and communities, secular organisations and employers, to offer Christian service to all in the workplace regardless of any denominational affiliation or none. It will respect and work with representatives of other faiths to ensure all spiritual needs and requests are fulfilled.

4. Chaplains will, at all times, function within the guidelines and codes of good practice of 'Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland'. Although work place chaplains belong to various denominations of the Christian Church, they are appointed by an agreement with the place of work and “Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland” which is the ecumenical body representative of all the main-stream denominations in Scotland.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Develop a supportive and pastoral role in relation to all personnel and staff and members in the organisation or company to which they are appointed, regardless of religious faith or none.

2. Establish personal relationships and be a confidential ‘listening ear’.

3. Develop regular visiting patterns, publicity and communications within the work place.

4. Develop relationships with trade unions and other representative bodies as appropriate.

5. If requested and in consultation with the company/organisation, arrange special services as and when required, i.e. memorial services, carols at Christmas.

6. Attend meetings as required, e.g. Team meetings of Work Place Chaplaincy SCOTLAND, training events and conferences.

7. Given the sensitive nature of work within companies/organisations, chaplains will respect the confidentiality of all information, personal or commercial, that may be shared with them or come to their notice during the course of their work.

8. Attend placement specific training. Individual Human Resources Departments within placements will arrange work place Health & Safety and induction training for chaplains.

10. Subject to operational constraints, Chaplains can expect to have freedom of access to all offices, departments and staff. An identity card should be worn at all times.

11. The National Director, Work Place Chaplaincy (Scotland) supported by area organisers, will be responsible for the line management of chaplains and are available for advice and support at all times.

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