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  • Sometimes the daily grind leaves you ground down
  • Sometimes the simmering pot of life boils over
  • Sometimes when you’re burning the candle from both ends you get your fingers burnt
  • Sometimes . . . well, you get the point ..

Like a credit card, a chaplain isn’t just there for the burst pipes of life. But when things do go wrong, the relationship built up with the organisation and individuals alike kicks into another gear. The general warm regard and reassuring presence built up over time can then be put to specific use.

Many managers are not only skilled in pursuing their targets but also in people-skills. However their first responsibility is to the general operation rather than the individual in crisis, and therefore they may have to 'hand-on' to others. At this point, in conjunction with the HR department, or Occupational Health team of an organisation, the chaplain is another professionally trained staff support service - available out-of-hours, locally, face-to-face and free at the point of delivery.

For some organisations this means that individuals have recourse to someone as a listening ear or sounding board - someone engaged and able to work in ways and on levels other professionals within the organisation might find themselves unable to.

The chaplain has an independence from the organisational structures which is freeing in the response that can be given to the individual, and yet still dove-tails with the organisation’s provision for support. A timely half hour with the chaplain might save a costly intervention further down the line.

For other organisations such as airports, oil rigs etc, the chaplain’s presence is written-in to crisis response protocols for moments of emergency which will affect the whole work place. In such moments, the chaplaincy can act as vital support to all, both in that moment and also in helping employees 'process' what occurred at a later date.

The chaplain is able not only to assure and allay fears by being present in the moment, but will work with the organisation to plan and implement appropriate recovery strategies.

Work Place Chaplaincy works best as part of the DNA of an organisation so that when the moment of crisis presents itself, the specialist skill and knowledge of the chaplain comes with a recognisable and trusted human face and can therefore be deployed more easily and effectively.

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