As a modern, professional organisation, Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland seeks to identify with the workforce we serve. Our chaplains come from a variety of backgrounds, some from church leadership and chaplaincy backgrounds while others from industry, education and commerce.

All, however are trained and supervised to the same consistently high standards, a training which places the welfare of both individuals and organisations as a top priority. Where we work in partnership with many diverse organisations, chaplains are seen to “add value” to both the welfare provision within an organisation and to overall operational capacity and efficiency.

While chaplains come with varied qualifications and training from our previous careers; WPCS also encourages further training and qualifications with external bodies as well as attending all required training courses provided by our partner organisations such as health and safety, HR induction courses etc.

Within the management structures of WPCS many chaplains are familiar with industry conventions including performance management and employee assistance programmes and we seek to integrate into these modern approaches to employee welfare. Chaplains will often have an active part to play in industrial relations or speaking at wellbeing seminars.

In all these scenarios we aim to demonstrate impartiality to every group and are just as happy to offer a listening ear or pastoral advice to the teenage apprentice as to the managing director.

Since World War II workplace chaplains have been involved with the Scottish workforce. Today, on our board of trustees, we have a representatives from CBI Scotland and the STUC and we serve a diverse range of staff.

As WPCS continues to build partnerships in the many and varied work places of Scotland, we will continue to seek the wellbeing of both individuals and Scottish industry and commerce believing that positive working relationships and good chaplaincy is the heartbeat of the Scottish workforce.

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